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V Hair Vendor Where You Can Find A Truthful Hair Vendor


 Amongst females, hair extensions are a common item, and I’m confident that all women are on the lookout for and eager to buy the most aesthetically pleasing wig possible. To help you, V Hair Vendor was created.

  1. Background on the founding of V Hair Vendor

On January 28, 2015, V Hair Vendor was established in Hanoi, Vietnam. V Hair Vendor is an extraordinary success story: from 2 small raw hair parlors founded in 2010, specializing in collecting virgin and remy hair, to a company with 7 franchises in 2015, specializing in raw hair, and then becoming a company that has revolutionized hair extensions inVietnam. V Hair Vendor has successfully built a hair manufacturer throughout Vietnam with 10 franchises.

V Hair Vendor
  1. V Hair Vendor’s mission

V Hair Vendor is dedicated to providing you with the finest service possible while looking for hair extensions for women.

2.1. V Hair Vendor committed to to provide the highest quality hair extensions

Can attest that we are a raw Vietnamese hair vendor who supply such high quality as those sold at the V Hair vendor. This is also the mission that we have kept in mind throughout the entirety of our working process ever since our first establishment. Why can we do that?

  • Origin of hair: Raw hair is completely taken from Vietnamese women, not mixed with other hair types. It can be said that Vietnamese hair is one of the most beautiful in the world due to proper nutrition and hair care routine without chemicals.
  • Hair’s features: soft, smooth, straight and natural healthy shine. Moreover, the above properties also make the hair stay healthy and smooth even after being styled
  • Process technology: Mainly hand-processed with skilled workers, so the product is created with uniform quality without losing its inherent strong luster.

With the above characteristics, V hair vendor has the basis to affirm to customers about the mission of providing products with the best quality to customers.

2.2. V Hair Vendor offers the most reasonable price 

Customers may maximize their earnings by shopping at V Hair Vendor since not only do they bring the best products to them, but they also offer the most reasonable pricing feasible. What makes V Hair Vendor able to make such a claim?

  • V Hair Vendor is located right in the raw material area, which helps to minimize transportation and storage costs. When costs decrease, the selling price will certainly decrease.
  • Low cost labor: It is possible to say that Vietnam has one of the lowest labor costs of any country in the world due to the country’s large labor force. In addition to this, each of the workers is highly talented and adaptable, which means that the company does not require a large number of employees.
  • Because the raw hair is of high quality, V Hair Vendor does not have to expend a lot of time and money processing it. Hair vendors in Africa, for instance, must first undergo additional straightening before they can curl their wares, whereas those in Vietnam can achieve similarly tight curls on raw hair. In addition to being cost-effective, this helps the hair maintain its exceptional qualities

With the above 2 missions, V Hair Vendor is definitely a reliable long-term hair supplier for those who intend to run their own business

If you are interested in our hair extension and find out more information about V Hair Vendor, you can check in https://thebesthairvendor.com/

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